Ohio State Classes of 2017 and 2018 Still Have Unfinished Business

Leadership will not be an issue for the Buckeyes in 2022. With a plethora of upperclassmen returning this upcoming season the Buckeyes have one of the most experienced rosters in college football.

The Buckeyes return three players from the class of 2017 as super seniors in Mitch Rossi, Jerron Cage, and Noah Ruggles.

However, the class of 2018 will make up the bulk of the seniors on this roster.

The class of 2018 features Teradja Mitchell, Tanner McCalister, Kamryn Babb, Matt Jones, Tyler Friday, Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Taron Vincent, Palaie Gaoteote, Cameron Brown, Marcus Hooker, and Josh Proctor.

The majority of these players have been very productive for the Buckeyes. From starters to All-Americans the combined classes of 2017 and 2018 have left an impactful stamp on the Ohio State culture.

Four seasons ago the class of 2018 was just arriving on campus. Flash forward to the present and the No. 2 nationally ranked recruiting class has accomplished almost everything except the elusive National Championship.

Leaders on the team have made it clear it is championship or bust in 2023. The Buckeyes have set their goal of making it to SoFi in 2023.

Under the previous coaching regime the goal has always been beat Michigan and then everything else is the cherry on top. Therefore it may seem at bit hasty to set a goal that high considering the outcome of “the game” last season.

However, sometimes it is good to change it up and think bigger. There is no denying that Buckeye Nation expects a National Championship contending team each season. So why not set the expectations higher?

It feels as if this team is embracing a “think bigger” mentality. Beating Michigan should always be the standard and minimum, therefore it is okay to set higher goals as long as the team gets the job done in November. And surely Michigan will get what is coming to them in 2022, these seniors will make sure of that.

The Buckeyes look to handle unfinished business starting on September 3, 2022 when Notre Dame comes to Columbus.