The Silver Bulletin is the newest Ohio State blog on the interwebs and is focused on providing Buckeye fans with the most comprehensive coverage available, for free.

With a group that comes from Eleven Warriors, Rivals, FOX, and FanSided, The Silver Bulletin’s writers have experience covering Ohio State from a variety of angles. Most of the staff are or were recently students at Ohio State, and we are confident that our position will be different from the “career journalist” point of view.

Our site features unique football and basketball content, in-depth recruiting stories, and two podcasts: Saturday Cadence and The Bunch of Nuts Podcast.

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Founder: Dave

Senior Editor: Blake Biscardi

Chief Recruiting Writer: Carson MacRae

Content Creators: Josh Cassinger, Grant Kincaid, Charlie Lockhart, Kaleb Longhurst, Dan Smyth, Gabe Woodcox

Multimedia Specialists: Andre Jimenez, Marshall Wickman