Planet Prediction: 2025 Five-Star WR Jaime Ffrench to the Buckeyes

The Buckeyes are once again heating up on the recruiting trail with a ton of spring visitors. Well, one of those is a very talented prospect for whom the Buckeyes have gained a ton of momentum: former Alabama commit and 2025 five-star WR Jaime Ffrench from Jacksonville, Florida. Based off knowledge, I have decided to put in a Planet Prediction for the Buckeyes to land the talented wideout, with a confidence of 7 out of 10.

The Prediction

In January, Ffrench announced his decision to back off his Alabama pledge. Before that, the Buckeyes were still actively recruiting Ffrench, heavily. Since then, Florida State, Ohio State, Texas, and Tennesseee have emerged as contenders for Ffrench. The Buckeyes are currently considered the favorites, with Florida State behind.

The Buckeyes are the clear-cut favorites and there is no shock about it. But, the Buckeyes will have a battle on their hands that they can command if they continue to develop a relationship with Ffrench. Plus, getting Ffrench back to Columbus, where he will be on campus this weekend, is huge for the Buckeyes.

This weekend, Ffrench joins a loaded visitor list with names like five-star OT David Sanders, Ohio State commitments four-star QB Tavien St. Clair and four-star OT Carter Lowe. Also, the Buckeyes are expected to host five-star LB/S Jonah Williams, five-star S Faheem Delane, four-star DL London Merritt, four-star LB Riley Pettijohn, four-star RB Bo Jackson, and four-star DL Trent Wilson. After this trip, it will not be a shock if Ffrench schedules a return official visit to Columbus sometime in the future.

Buckeyes strike Florida

The Buckeyes (and more specifically, Brian Hartline) have absolutely taken over the state of Florida when it comes to wide receiver recruiting. Brandon Inniss, Carnell Tate, Jeremiah Smith and now potentially Jaime Ffrench all attended Florida high schools before signing with the Buckeyes. The prospect of being developed by the best WR coach in College Football is a huge plus for Ffrench. Hartline has developed such a great relationship with Ffrench as well. This would add another SFE (South Florida Elite) WR to the Buckeyes talented WR room.

Despite being the favorites for Ffrench, the Buckeyes have many other interested wideout targets. The names to watch are LSU commitment five-star Dakorien Moore, four-star Vernell Brown lll, five-star Kaliq Lockett, former Oregon commit four-star WR Dallas Wilson, and four-star Phillip Bell.