2025 Five-Star Linebacker Has Ohio State Among The Top Of His Schools

Image Credit: On3 Sports

The Ohio State football team, for the most part, has not missed a beat during the 2022-2023 campaign going into the final couple weeks still undefeated. However, at Ohio State that is always the expectation.

On the recruiting trail, Buckeye Nation expects the same results as during the season, undefeated. On that note, the Ohio State staff added some new faces that are hoping to get them over the hump in the years ahead. Looking down the line, the Buckeyes are actively in pursuit of Five-Star Linebacker, and Buford, Georgia product Jadon Perlotte. The 247 composite top 50 LB has made sure to stay in contact with the Ohio State staff early on in his  recruitment.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Eliano, Coach Patrick, and Coach Knowles whenever I get the chance.” said Perlotte.

The biggest question mark for Ohio State coming into this season was the defense. A lot of weight was being put on the shoulders of first year Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles. The next biggest question mark was if Knowles could recruit and attract the attention of high caliber blue chippers such as Perlotte. It is safe to say Knowles has been off to a good start with Perlotte.

“It’s just shocking.” said Perlotte. “He’s changed their defense so much. His defensive scheme fits just how we play at Buford, very versatile, and they love to blitz which I love.”

Ohio State continues to pride themselves on the recruiting trail that it’s all about “The Brotherhood” and nothing should be above that. The culture of Ohio State seemed to really resonate with Perlotte.

“It’s just like my team it’s all about the culture.” said Perlotte. “It’s not about me and it’s not about you. It’s about the team.”

Ohio State is actively in pursuit of a couple of Perlotte’s teammates as well in 2023 runningback Justice Haynes and 2024 blue chipper KJ Bolden. Perlotte mentioned this is something that the trio have definitely been talking about.

Visits for The Game

“We’re all looking to team up.” said Perlotte. “At the end of the day we will all be together and if it’s at Ohio State then that’s great.”

It seems November 26th has been a date that a ton of big time recruits around the country have circled on their calendar as a laundry list of players are lining up to attend the Ohio State-Michigan game in Columbus. Perlotte said we can definitely expect him to be one of those players.

“I’ll be at the Ohio State-Michigan game, it’s going to be huge.” said Perlotte.

Ever since Ryan Day has take over the reigns for Ohio State, the Buckeyes have been prioritizing the state of Georgia and it has caught the attention of a ton of recruits. Perlotte has been no exception to that.

“He LOVES Georgia players.” Perlotte joked. “He’s a really good dude, he all about football. He’s really just explained that it’s not about the money, it’s all about the culture and the brotherhood. Coach Day cares about how you’ll be after football and I really paid attention to that. That’s why they’re one of my top schools.”

The Buckeyes have plenty of time to recruit Perlotte as he is a 2025 prospect. However, they are definitely making sure to get in early with the young star as he will more than surely remain a top 20 prospect by the end of his recruitment.