The Silver Inquiry: Questions About Offensive Line Recruiting And Wide Receiver Recruiting

The Silver Inquiry is back to answer the latest and greatest questions surrounding Ohio State recruiting news. This week we have questions coming from Ohio State fans who have personally direct messaged me on Twitter.

  1. Who do you predict Ohio State lands in the 2023 class for the offensive line?

I love this question because there’s definitely a lot of routes Ohio State could go in this cycle. Luckily, I feel much more confident in this cycle for my predictions as I believe new offensive line coach Justin Frye will be a lot more reliable in the closing out stages of recruiting than his predecessor, Greg Studrawa.

Obviously, I believe that Joshua Padilla is a lock to remain in the 2023 class and I’ve certainly touched on the fact I believe Luke Montgomery will be joining him in the class on February 17th but there’s still some major targets on the board. As of yesterday though, Ohio State was eliminated for arguably the most athletic and dominant OT in the country in Kadyn Proctor. This was not so much the case with Frye being added but more of the fact Greg Studrawa burnt a lot of bridges with the Proctor family.

However, I believe that Ohio State is certainly a player for five-star Samson Okunlola and is most likely in the top three for him. I think they will get their shot but ultimately expect him to end up in the SEC. Now the next guy I believe is absolutely going to end up a Buckeye is high four-star offensive tackle TJ Shanahan Jr. I’ve caught up with him numerous times and the vibe just always seems to feel like it’s in Ohio State’s favor. So I’ll have him joining the class, and if you do the math that’s two tackles with Shanahan Jr./ Montgomery and one IOL there right now with Padilla.

I have Ohio State also landing one more major target in top 200, four-star Payton Kirkland who has Ohio State and Miami as his likely two leaders. I have the Buckeyes winning this one due to his mom’s strong connection with him and Ohio State in itself, as well as the fact Frye has been given the orders to go full court press on Kirkland as Day loves the potential he sees in him, I just can’t see how the Buckeyes miss here. In summary, Ohio State lands a much better OL class in 2023 than in 2022 landing four legitimate O-linemen.

2. Are the Buckeyes likely to land another top ranked WR class?

This was an interesting question because it’s certainly possible as Ohio State is in position to land the top WR in the country in Carnell Tate and the Buckeyes are starting to creep in on the top slot player in the country in Brandon Inniss. To land both guys would be absolutely absurd, and Brian Hartline would legally have to register as a wizard. Now where it gets interesting is after Inniss who I think likely swerves Ohio State for Alabama or USC.

You have still some very legitimate prospects on the Buckeyes radar. Ohio State has Braylon James who is former teammates with Caleb Burton, Bryson Rodgers, and Johntay Cook as the likely first takes to fill those two spots left in the class. Remember, the Buckeyes will likely only be taking three receivers this time around. I think Rodgers is the first to join the class and then it’s up in the air to see who takes the third spot.

Regardless, if either James or Cook land the final spot Ohio State should finish with the top WR class once again unless Inniss picks USC and joins forces with Zachariah Branch. Regardless, the Buckeyes will no doubt end with a top three WR class as Brian Hartline continues to do what very few are doing in the coaching ranks.

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